Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fit Pregnancy in Photos

I was just a little pregnant for this color filled fun 5K but shhh... No one knew it yet!

The elevation profile for the Sedona Half Marathon at 7 weeks pregnant. Ran it slow and steady!

Mormon to National to Telegraph at Somo. 11 Weeks pregnant. 9 mile trail run with some of my best people and my favorite Fluff.

Somo Team Time Trial. I just showed up to support the team but enjoyed the "race". 22 weeks pregnant and placed 4th out of 6 women in my category. I also talked a pregnant teammate and friend into joining me out there! And to make it even better I won a pink Electra cruiser bike in the post race raffle!

Team ride 6/3/2012. 24 weeks pregnant and 35 miles down.

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