Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creating a blog

I first created this blog in hopes primarily of inspiring myself. The first months of this pregnancy were challenging for any given number of reasons. Fears of miscarriage. Moving into a new home. Trying to reconcile starting out this pregnancy a whopping 15lbs heavier than the last one. Dealing with the exhaustion, nausea, constipation, and lack of sleep that all accompany the first trimester. I had gone online in search of answering the question "Can fitness and pregnancy really coexist". I was happily inspired by several articles from Active.com as well as blogs from other mother/ runner/ athletes. I think I started the blog during those early difficult months to inspire and challenge myself to stay focused on the goals of maintaining my fitness and my health. I'm happy to say that although my fitness goals have changed in the reality of my changing body, I am thrilled at all the ways I've been able to squeeze in fitness. I ran a half marathon at 7 weeks pregnant and followed that up with a 9 mile trail run around 11 weeks. Now that I'm getting larger I regularly meet with my running girlfriends for their easy recovery runs instead of trying to keep up with their regular paced runs. I rode 35 miles this weekend with my cycling team and recently placed 4th out of 6 in the South Mountain Time Trial. I'm swimming regularly and attending prenatal yoga. There have been several times when I've doubted whether fitness and pregnancy could coexist for me and I am thrilled to look back at my calendar and see that I'm making it work.

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