Monday, March 19, 2012

"You may be losing fitness but..."

"At least you're gaining weight."
This lovely gem of a quote came from my loving husband. I had just finished swimming laps at the pool when I called to complain to him how tough it was.
Me: "Gosh. It's been months since I last swam. I can't believe how much fitness I've lost"
Loving Husband. "Honey. Think of it this way. You may have lost fitness but don't worry. You've gained weight."
Under normal circumstances this may have warranted a homicidal attack but we are not operating under normal circumstances. What he said is totally true and for a pretty darned good reason. I'm 13 weeks pregnant!

My Stick Family from

I've already violated several of the things I said I would not do when I'm pregnant.
Rules I've broken:
I will not skip out on workouts.
I will not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want.
I refuse to be paranoid and neurotic.

I'm sure there are more but that is all my tired brain can come up with.
I can add using the "pregnancy brain" excuse to the list!

So as a result of eating "whatever I want" aka whatever my nauseated belly craved (very rarely anything healthy), and skipping out on workouts, and being excessively tired, I have lost fitness. But as the first trimester is coming to an end I'm finding my energy levels have improved and my stomach has finally settled. I've enjoyed getting in a few short runs each week and am now adding in a few short swims. I'm hoping to get back on the bike soon too!

Here's to a health filled 2nd trimester!


  1. I <3 your little stick family!! So cute :)

    Girl even though you have "lost fitness" you can still kick my butt in the pool!

    You are doing great & now that you are feeling more "normal" you will be able to do more fitness & we are all here to help you! xoxo

  2. Oh & Josh is lucky you are preggers or his butt would have been kicked! Hahaha