Saturday, July 7, 2012

What a difference a month makes...

Just one short month ago I blogged all about "embracing the belly"... Oh how the times have changed.
This month I am struggling to find the same enthusiasm. My growing size has begun to add to some discomfort. My knees ache when I try to run and the last few days my hips ache all the time. I still have 3 months to go and I am not ready to resort to feeling miserable for remainder of this pregnancy.
It's been a busy several weeks involving a week of helping to care for our 13 month old niece, a short trip with my mom and sister, and even working some extra hours at the hospital to try to earn a few extra bucks "while I'm still feeling good" (Yes, I actually said that).
I'm off work today, it's noon, and all I've done is move from the bed to the couch. Yuck! I hate it when I do that! Desperately needing a kick in the ass to get motivated.
One cool thing I can celebrate so this isn't all gloomy. I went on my first run with my sister while we were on vacation in Southern Arizona. We jog/ walked 2.5 miles. She is not a runner but did great and since then she's mentioned training for and doing a 5k. So excited to hopefully run with her again one of these days!

Sonoita Run with Jennifer by glogan01 at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. If you are feeling lazy call me up... I am feeling lazy too... but the difference is I have no good excuses!!