Sunday, July 8, 2012

29 Weeks

Here's the stats

Lbs gained: 25

Money spent on maternity clothes : approx $60
(Thank heavens for hand-me-downs!)

Boxes of cereal eaten: 3
(This is normally a forbidden food...)

Bra size increases: 3
(from 34 C to 38 D, and still growing...)

Trips to Baby themed box stores: 4
(Have you done this before? So overwhelming!)

Average grams of protein consumed daily: 85-90

Number of Ultrasounds: 2

Number of months my home has been under construction: 7 1/2
(Still patiently waiting on a living room... Thumbs twiddling...)

Number of "followers" to this blog: 3
(Watch out. It's getting crowded in here!)

Number of "Baby" themed pins posted in pintrest: 30

Number of strangers, coworkers, and patients that have felt up my belly: too numerous to count!
(I don't mind this too much but it is a little weird...)

1 comment:

  1. haha, I love the strangers that are feeling up your belly! Too funny!! #thismightbetheonlyreasoniwouldnotwanttogetpreggers

    Looks to me like you need me to come help you baby shop, I can do those crazy stores, they are full of cute stuff! BTW did you know H&M has baby clothes?!? I searched for an owl outfit but they only had cats! Boo. :D