Sunday, March 17, 2013

When I Saw Her Pace...

Now I'm a believer! Sing it with me!

I now own a tri bike. Aero. Aggressive positioning. Full Dura Ace. Wow! My husband is the techno/ gear geek of the family and I've been resistant to owning a tri bike because although I really enjoy triathlon, I think of myself first as a mountain biker, second as a roadie, and last as a triathlete. Add in a cruiser and that makes for a lot of ponies in the stable. I've said I'd like to have a tri bike but figured it was a luxury more than a necessity. Like almost all of our bike acquisitions this one was driven by my husband because it was just "to good of a deal to pass up". He is very enthusiastic and supportive in my goals for my 70.3 race coming up in July and that showed when he brought home my newest pony. We took it out for our maiden voyage yesterday and I have to say that I underestimated the perks of an aero bike. At any given speed I noticed my heart rate beat 10-15 beats slower than normal when compared to my road bike rides. If you think of how much that will impact a long ride you can't help but become a believer! Think of how much fresher I'll feel on the run if I've "saved" all those beats!!! I can't wait. Now all I need is to find a way to squeeze in 15 hours of training a week into my already busy schedule I'll really be ready for July!!!

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