Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still thinking about change!

The house has undergone changes, the nursery has been a work in progress, but the biggest change I've experienced over the last several months has been with my growing body!

It all started out with this lovely little pee stick!
Fluffy and I broke the news to Josh by placing the pee stick into a baby bottle wrapped in a note from Fluffy that said "I'm going to be a big sister!" Fluffy delivered the bottle to Josh perfectly!
My first photo of my growing bloated belly. I was probably 15 weeks or so. Took this photo on a trip to Rocky Point. Josh and I lament it may be the last vacation we'll take for some time!!!
Our second view of our little athlete. I think we were 18 weeks... This was our opportunity to learn the gender and we politely declined. We haven't had an ultrasound since. Think we'll recognize Baby Maule when he or she arrives?
26 weeks and growing bigger by the day!
At 36 weeks getting ready for our home visit from the midwives. We were thrilled this day because this marks the safety zone both for the likely hood of a healthy baby upon delivery but it also is a key benchmark for our planned home birth.

I've completed my 38th week of pregnancy and am still growing! How big can this belly get? I guess time will tell!!!

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  1. You are getting SO close!! YAY!! So so so excited for you guys!! You are beautiful preggers!!