Friday, August 24, 2012

Henna Belly

To celebrate my 36th week of pregnancy!

My mom and my sister joined me in this adventure and we had a fabulous time with Joanna the fabulous henna artist. My sister wanted a fertility blessing and Joanna told us about the pomegranate and how it's many seeds are symbolic of fertility. Her design came out gorgeous!

My mom turns 60 this month and she celebrated with a Virgo design on her foot. She's also spending the next week in Hawaii so sandals and sunshine will show off this beauty!

Finally I had my belly decorated with the Tree of Life. Joanna was great and Baby M loved the feather light touch of the henna cone painting on my skin.

It was a fun way to celebrate and very relaxing. I highly recommend contacting Joanna for all of your henna needs! My mom and sister enjoyed the experience and we all loved our works of art. Check out Joanna's website by clicking here. Strivedreams


  1. SO awesome! So happy you had the chance to do this... I am so stealing the idea from you! :-D